​​SPRING 2019 Great Pyrenees puppy litter SOLD OUT!
Visit our Great Pyrenees  page for details on our Fall 2019 litter.
Last 2  Old Spot  piglets are pending reservation!  Call for info on future litters.  
Kiko & Nubian yearlings & kids available! Check our  Nubian Goats  &  Kiko Goats pages for details.

Kidding Season Coming Soon!
Rowland Hills Farm
Tuesday, January 15, 2019

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  1. Considering a Great Pyrenees?
    25 Jan, 2019
    Considering a Great Pyrenees?
    Is a Great Pyrenees right for you?                                        I can't knowingly speak on all breeds of livestock guardians, but several years ago, after several chicken losses, (and after doing some research) we decided to add a livestock guardian to our farm. For us, a Great Pyrenees seemed to have all of the qualities and characteristics we were looking for.     One very large male, Thor, seemed to deter the fox that were previously picking off our chickens one by one and